are you insured?


Rhino Signs, Inc. has a $1,000,000 general aggregate liability policy for your protection.

does rhino signs make signs, riders or panels for various agents or companies?


We do not have that capability at this time.

i would like rhino signs to inventory my panels so i don’t have to worry about hanging the panels myself. does rhino signs inventory panels?


We ask that you give us a manageable number of panels (i.e. four (4) or five (5) panels) at the beginning of our service relationship unless circumstances necessitate more or fewer panels. Of course, the agent can leave the panels needed to hang at the property before the post is installed and we will be glad to hang your panels on the post. If neither of these options are convenient, we can come by your office to pick up the panels on an as needed basis, but a trip charge for each pick up will be invoiced to the agent’s account.

i have seen photos of your installations on social media. will you post a photo of my install on social media?


We try to post all of our installations on our social media accounts. We currently use Facebook and Instagram, but may add other platforms at our discretion. If you would like to be tagged on the photo(s), please send us a friend request or get in touch so we can get the information to tag the photo.

Ordering / Payments

how do i place an order?

Go to the Place Order menu tab on our website. This will take you to our new ordering system – SignTraker. Select Log In -or- if this is your first order, select Register.

Signtraker manages our installations, removals, inventory and has many other exciting new features. We have posted detailed instructions on ordering through Signtraker below.

All orders for sign post installation and removals must be placed on our website through the Signtraker ordering system. We no longer accept orders via email, fax or other 3rd party messaging such as social media.

what should i know about ordering through your signtraker system?
  • After logging in, you will have three (3) order options: “Order New Sign Install”, “Order Sign Removal”, or “Order Other Service”.
  • If you do not request a specific date, your installation or removal will be processed as soon as possible.
  • You must add at least one panel to complete your order. If we do not inventory your panels, click the Select button next to “Customer Will Hang Their Own Sign”. This will allow you to complete the order.
  • You are responsible for the post and ground stake from the time we install it until we remove it. Place an order to remove the sign at the end of the listing or when the house is sold, whichever comes first.
can i pay you for sign installation once the property is sold?


Payment is made when placing the order through our Signtraker ordering system.

can i place and pay for an order online?


You can place an order online through our Signtraker system. Payment is due at the time of order.

can the sign post stay at the listing for a long period of time with no penalty or additional fees?

At the end of four (4) months, you will receive an email explaining the post has been up for four months and will give you the option of ordering the removal of the signpost or renewing the lease for the current renewal fee.

do extra charges apply to installations outside the richmond metropolitan area?


We implement a mileage clause if the property is outside the designated area shown on our coverage page. One of the many great features of our Signtraker software is you will know the price BEFORE you finalize the order, so there are no surprises.

what happens if the sign post is damaged, vandalized, lost, or stolen during my lease?

When an agent / company lease a sign post from Rhino Signs, the agent / company is responsible for the sign post from the time it is installed until Rhino Signs removes the post. If the post is damaged, vandalized, lost or stolen during this period, the agent / company could be charged a lost or damaged post fee in effect at the time of the order. In the unlikely event a part on the sign post breaks through “normal wear and tear”, such as the plastic rider clip, please call Rhino Signs and we will replace the part, immediately, at no charge to the agent or company.

Installation / Removal

am i required to remove the sign when the property is sold?


Rhino Signs removes the sign post as part of our service and is included in the installation fee. At the conclusion of the listing or when the property is sold, the agent / company must enter an order to remove the post through our Signtraker software ordering system. If the post becomes lost due to failure of the agent / company to order the removal at the end of the listing or agreement with the homeowner, they will be charged the current lost post fee.

do you cement the signs in the ground or dig large holes to install the posts?


We use a custom built heavy-duty ground stake to avoid digging up your client’s yard. Our posts then slip over our low-invasive ground stake system to rest perfectly upright on top of the grass or ground. This insures the post does not lean, and leaves minimal marks when removed. This is one reason many agents, and brokers choose Rhino Signs time and time again!

does miss utility need to be called for all installations?


Miss Utility must be called by Rhino Signs, even though the agent / company may have called Miss Utility to “speed up” the process. Rhino Signs could face heavy penalties and fines if we do not call Miss Utility prior to a sign post install. Agents / companies should allow 4 to 5 business days from the time we receive the order before the sign post can be installed. Often we can install the post in less time, but for scheduling, efficiency and customer satisfaction, please allow 4 to 5 business days.

does rhino signs install sign post on vacant lots or lots with building under construction?


Rhino Signs will install the sign post at these locations; however, it is up to the agent / company to properly mark the property with a Lot Number sign, address or other landmark to properly and easily identify the property for our installer. Failure to properly mark a property may result in duplicate trips and additional trip charges if the installer cannot properly determine the correct property location.

how long will it take to get my sign installed?

Rhino Signs installs signs within two (2) business days after receiving Miss Utility’s authorization that it is OK to install the sign post. We generally alert Miss Utility the same day we receive the order, or the next business day if received over the weekend or after hours.

if we do not tell you where to place the sign on the property, where will you place it?

We place the sign at the highest point of visibility for traffic. If the property is on the corner, we try to install the sign post near the corner so it is visible from both directions. Please understand the various localities have set back requirements we must follow, so there will be times when the sign post will have to be installed in an area that may not be the “best” available location.

in the past i have had problems with my sign posts leaning. do rhino posts lean?


Rhino Signs has developed and built a specially designed Tough 36″ low invasive ground-stake post system. It is crafted to penetrate the ground firmly and place the sign post at the perfect height that prevents the post from leaning – especially in soft soil areas. This system also eliminates the need for us to destroy the area around the post. Upon removal, the yard/grass area will remain relatively undisturbed compared to traditional hand dug or machine post installations.

my panel may not have holes to hang the panel. can you drill holes in my panel so it will properly hang on rhino’s sign post?


Our installers carry drills on their vehicles. If you request this service in the “Notes” or “Special Instructions” section of your order, we will accommodate that request at no charge. Please understand most panels are plastic and can become brittle with age. We cannot be responsible for cracked or damaged panels as a result of the drilling.

what color sign posts do you offer?

Our sign posts come in the popular White, Black, and Yellow (Gold) colors. You can specify which you prefer when placing your order. We will also consider carrying specific color sign posts upon special request. If interested in a different color please contact us to discuss.

in what counties or areas do you install sign posts?

We install sign posts throughout Central Virginia. See our coverage page and click on the radius map to see our standard service areas. Our service areas are priced by zip code – if you place an order in a zip code that does not get priced by SignTraker, please contact us to receive pricing for that specific area.

what should i do if the property has an underground sprinkler system and/or an electric dog fence?

Since there is no way for our installers to determine where an underground sprinkler system or electric dog fence is located, the agent is required to specify an exact spot for the signpost to be located. Rhino Signs accepts no responsibility for damage to underground facilities. Locating and marking such facilities are the responsibility of the homeowner and the agent.

what size sign panel should i have and how far apart should the grommets or holes be spaced?

Sign panels should not exceed 30″ in width. The grommets or holes at the top of the sign panel should be 18″ on center.

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